First Post

Good Day Comrades! Workers and erstwhile socialists! This is my first of many post on my new blog, a digital manifestation of the Red Herring many of you know and love. On this blog I intend to dispell capitalist lies and announce news and policies. I also intend to post anything I’m annoyed about and that needs your attention.

I look forward to posting in the future.

Regards Secretary-General Paco Alvarez.


6 thoughts on “First Post

  1. socialism? DISGUSTING! you clearly have no idea what it is. I lived in it and know what it’s about. i know how it feels when your friends end up in jail for expressing their opinion. i know what’s it like to stand 2 hours in a queue for bananas and only be able to buy 1 kilo per person. not being able to listen to music you like, censorship on movies, books and newspaper. how would you like to go to election where there’s only one party? bugged phone line? only being able to travel to socialist countries? how about party coming to your house and say: “this house now belongs to us”? you have no idea, so don’t you ever dare calling me comrade and enjoy life in the free country of which you no doubt enjoy all the benefits.


    • Good Morning John.

      By publishing your post I hope to be proving a point. Like those TV stations, you know the ones that get the letters from the people saying “I bet you won’t even read this out on national TV” and then they go and do it just for spite, or just to kind of rip them up and make them look stupid. I would not dream of making you look stupid dear John. Notice how I have refrained from addressing you as comrade. Please note that I have never exclusively referred to you as comrade, and in light of your comment I will not in the future.

      On a more serious note, I do in no way endorse the methods of the Soviets or Stalinists of Russia and their puppet governments. I find their methods stray from their own ideology, and are in many ways akin to fascism. Which I also dislike. My personal ideology is of that democratic libertarian socialism. My ideology stems from my own experiences living in and around working class Sydney and rural areas. Places where great wealth is mixed with poverty and misery, although admittedly, its not nearly as bad as some places in the world.

      The name “socialism” is just a label I and many others commonly use to refer to an amount of government control over an economy. I believe in a mixed economy if that is of any interest to you, with government control of primary industries and regulation to prevent the formation of cartels, monopolies, oligopolies and syndicates etc. These policies bare little similarity to those of Stalin and the Soviet Union.

      Lastly, this is supposed to be somewhat light-hearted comedic affair, or at least an attempt at that. It is not seriously political, in case you haven’t noticed, it in many ways ridicules and satires politics, socialism included. You’ve gone made me write something serious now. And for that I am vaguely ambivalent.

      Yours Truly
      Mr Paco Alvarez

    • Hi Daniel.

      That’s a cutting and extremely original political critique you have there. Let me respond by making two points, the first in question form.

      1. Do you associate ideas with the crimes committed in their names? If so what is the toll you attribute to Christianity?

      2. Most states commonly cited as being or have being communist/socialist bare little similarities too communist/socialist ideology. Most unfortunately have degenerated into systems where the same exploitative relationships between the classes exists under a new elite, and often in a more brutal and efficient fashion.

      Thanks Daniel. I await your response eagerly.

  2. Methinks you’ve won that battle. Jeez you have such witty comebacks. And you’re very intelligent too. 😀 Good luck with any endeavors of yours.

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