Project Film

My idea is simple. To create a glorious, virtuous propaganda film that exposes the truth of our society and raises the profile of our most righteous and revolutionary organisation.

It will be filmed in the Great Lakes, in Bungwahl, and in Sydney’s Inner City and Southern Suburbs. It will be action-packed detailing the adventures of proletarian revolutionary Paco Alvarez, including a battle within Sydney, a retreat to the wilderness (Bungwahl) and a glorious return along with a revolutionary army to the harbour city. There will be guns, explosions, fights on the barricades. There will be city streets and wilderness. There will be Pythonesque humour and more irony than you can shake a stick. And a catchy soundtrack!

Volunteers? Ideas? Feedback? Hatemail? Get back to me, and my mercy shall be swift and brutal.


9 thoughts on “Project Film

  1. sounds brilliant! love it! i’ll love to volunteer & Erin says she will too but she’ll need a trailor n hairstylist because “this perfection takes time and TLC, it doesnt just happen overnight”…

    Can her character die in the first scene? ill pay you…

    • Thank you greatly. Comrade Erin shall have to discard such bourgeois attitudes and all the trappings of the old decadent world if she is to adapt to the new socialist dawn that is arising.

      Also I do not take bribes. But rest easy knowing that in this case, they will not be needed.

  2. You could do a scene shot partially in Birmingham, UK, with gritty realism re. the international socialist scene, and maybe the Monarchy.

    • That would be awesome, complete with a revolution starting in the housing project and a gratuitous use of your most proletarian regional/urban accent. I presume you have hedgehogs in Birmingham? I wonder how these noble creatures would fare as mascots, or even revolutionary comrades in the film?

    • Fantastic kind man of Bungwahl! Though I’d have to dispute your highly developed movie reference. Apocalypse Now presented a balanced if somewhat nihilist view of the Vietnam War in my most humble opinion. If you would like a gratuitous one-dimensional pro-American propaganda film about Vietnam try the Green Berets.

      Starring American hero John Wayne, watch the elite US Special Forces battle through the jungles of South Vietnam (Pine forests of Fort Benning, Georgia) handing out candy to small children, and opening a can of old-fashioned whoopass on sadistic communists!

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