Tsar Wars 5: Return of the Me

I have been most absent from my blog over the past how ever many days I have been absent. My regular readers may have noticed this, as I have recently observed that some do in fact exist. Most surprising. But not surreal. Surreal is a most overused adjective. One has a moral responsibility not to use surreal all that often, so that the word itself does not come benign and cliched, corrupting the work and influence of people like Antonin Artaud, Margaret Thatcher and that Armadillo toting fascist Salvador Dali.

I have been absent due to my examinations. I haven’t really been studying, but preparing myself for studying, and committing myself to not working on my blog to the exam period is over. That said, my own horrid lack of self discipline has meant that I’ve achieved little in the way of actual study. I am quite silly.

But that, like the clear blue liquid that divides the Great Lake’s Twin Towns, is proverbial water under a psychadelic bridge, my brother, and with all examinations finished, I can apply myself to my blog with my usual level of cynical enthusiasm.

Also, the Battle for Bungwahl has begun, and news will be outpouring shortly on the events that happen there.


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