Unmitigated Travesty in Wharf Street

With the civil war in Libya, the irritating machinations of various local political parties and that whole global warming thing, the truly important things in life sometimes slip underneath the radar. There is no better example of this than the disgusting, shameful and undemocratic fiasco going on in a certain section of Wharf Street, Forster.

It seems that a certain section of shop front along the hallowed street is STILL being held up by steel props, for more than a whole month! That is greater than either 30, 31 or perhaps even 29 days! 28 in a leap year.

These props, purportedly present to hold up certain sections of roof, pose an unmitigated security threat to the local community. Unlike other obstacles such as chairs, trees, boxes or large dogs. I, and most leading experts, propose another more nefarious reason behind this. That the Illuminati, working with their lizardman allies, have decided to turn the Forster CBD into a temple for their heathen alien religion.

Patrons Dining

Uberknownst To These Innocent Patrons An Alien Temple May Be Directly Underneath

Why else would these props still be up? There is either a dark temple far beneath the surface of the fruit shop, or there is an invisible temple floating above the roundabout, where invisible, or at least semi-transparent alien life forms, known as the Gregories, float up on coloured balloons to sacrfice rabbits with complimentary steak knives.

What we need is a Day of Rage. We need to mirror the efforts of those protesters at Wall Street and get out on the pavement ourselves. We need to protest against the Aliens and the elite who fund their existence! We need to attempt to find the invisible bonds that connect the invisible temple to the roundabout! We’ll probably need an infared light and a radar, and would have to search very closely, since the roundabout is covered in shrubbery.

If the temple is elsewhere however, we will simply walk up and down the street, yelling and all that, just in case the evil Alien overlords emerge from their preternatural dens.


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