It’s Christmas. In case you haven’t noticed this already. And I’ll do the customary thing and be all corny and naff. I love the word naff.

I hope you guys and gals, and everyone who reads these words has a great and wonderful Christmas, bearing in mind the Christmas spirit, sharing, brother/sisterhood and indulges in mind numbing consumerism of the kitsch variety. But in all seriousness and minus the cynicism my lovely people, have a great day, show kindness to your fellow man and have a bucketload of fun. It’s a great philosophy to live life by in my most humble opinion.

Now I’m going to go before I get too bloody sentimental. I’ve got a Clash CD to listen to and   a bowl of prawns to eat. Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Christmas

    • Slight problems with the New Year’s Eve plans. Some folk didn’t turn up, and in the resulting fiasco we were all forced to go underground. Our grand show of strength was overshadowed by fire works, and with our plans out in the open like a naked maiden of indiscriminate ethnicity we were ravished. I’ve been hiding out in Sydney for a while. Just got back, members are still trickling back in from a number of secure places. We’re planning on trying again before the end of the month…

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