Wat Kyk Jy?

Well! Get set for your next occasional music tidbit, with this existential gem from the lower socio-economic districts of Cape Town, South Africa.

The genre is called Zef. The music is a mix between rave and hip hop. The video is Rammstein/Lady Gaga style disturbing. The lyrics transition are raw, tongue and cheek and transition between South African English and Afrikaans. It’s different. Very different. Thanks to anake goodall for showing this to me. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


8 thoughts on “Wat Kyk Jy?

  1. In an “industry”* where there is little creation and innovation lately it is refreshing to listen to new authors like these who don’t search for aesthetic or homogenous pop beauty/success.
    Lol, have no clue whether that makes any sense, I hope you understand me.. thanks for sharing this, I think it’s fun and original, finally! Where do you find out about this music?

    • “The entertainment industry” isn’t exactly my favourite thing in the world either. I agree, and it makes perfect sense.

      I found out through word of mouth so to speak. I was referred to it by a friendly blogger, and proceeded to spread it among my freaked out friends.

  2. I kind of like it, but wish I understood the Afrikaans. The music video confuses me a bit.
    This calls my father’s so-called “wholesome” Joburg/Cape Town upbringing very much into question.

  3. This video is like food to me at the moment, I have been consuming it several times a day for a number of weeks now…
    …Edgar Edgarberger says they went to a school even posher than yours, and their adopted personas appear to be … adopted personas… I view it as conceptual art, however when that is put to them they respond fook off, its foon for the kyds…

    • Likewise. Its sort of sadomasochist for me. Its beautifully shamefully kitschly weird. Also the South African accents are awesome.

      And my school? Posh? Compared to Taree maybe, but so’s most of the Third World.

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