Une Petite Poste Francaise!

Bonjour mes copains! Tous mes petit révolutionnaires sur l’internet! Je parle en Français en ce moment, parce que j’ai un examen de Francais demain! J’ai un peu le trac, ma compétence ecrire est très moyenne. Je préfère parler le langue. Mon allemand (J’ai fait aujourd’hui), c’est pire.

Alors, j’espère ce petit exemple est suffit à me donner un peu confidence. Vous êtes invités à rectifier mes fautes. Il y en a beaucoup!

Désolé mon lecteurs anglophones. Il y a tous Google pour vous!

(Merci Katazcrack!)


14 thoughts on “Une Petite Poste Francaise!

    • You don’t suck at all, for how long have you been studying?
      Mon is a posesive pronoun masculin/sngulier, therefore if you mean “my little revolutionaries” it would be masculin/plural, so “mes”. For internet it is better to use “sur” instead of “dans” (“on” internet not “inside” internet). This also means that tout as “all” is correct, but you’re referring to plural “all”, not all as a whole THING, so it would be “tous”.
      Third sentence is perfect except for Français missing the cédille, but I suppose that’s a typo because it doesn’t exist on English keyboards.Wonderful use of the expression “avoir le trac” which is very native and natural, but it’s “un peu” as in “a bit” not en, but I suppose you made this mistake because they are phonetically identical sounds (which probably means you have a great pronunciation! Congratulations!) If your verb “est” is in singular, then your subject must also be, so either “Compétence” drops its “s” or you change your verb and consequent adjectives to plural. You must also modify it’s déterminent in front of it, mon in masculin, singulier and Cométence is a feminin word in French (darned word genders! what a stupid language :p ) Très takes an accent grave.You should leave “parler” with an r at the end (otherwise it indicates second person plural of the conjugation) and leave it there, people will undertsand that you prefer to speak rather than right by that, and that way you don’t have to worry whether Langue is feminin or masculin (btw, it is feminin :p LA langue) “aujourd’hui” does not need anythign in front of it, just like today in English, you don’t say
      “this today”. and Allemand as a language doesn’t take an e at the end (otherwise you mean a German girl,which I doubt you have problems with :p ) .
      “I hope” is j’éspère, no need for the “l’ ” because that idnicate san indirect complement which doesn’t exist in your sentence.Example is masculin so it’s not cette (correct, but feminin) but “ce”. It would be “À ME donner un peu de confiance (confiance is not countable so no “quelque”)” because you are an indirect object (the confidence is for me, I am not the verb complement of give, I am not given). Fautes once again is plural and takes a “mes”. Il y EN a beaucoup (can’t manage to explain why, btu that’s the correct way to say it.)
      You use direct style to adress the readers in the last sentence, so “Désolé mes lectuers anglophones” is enough (ou can kick the subject and the verb out of there). And the anlophone reader is either singluar (in which case you take the s off of the word at the end) or plural (in which google is not for you, toi, but you VOUS).
      Sorry if I discouraged you, but all of your mistakes are mostly based on either feminin or masculne mistakes or plural concordance (which is for an anglophone PURE memorising 😉 ) or transcribing phonetic to written (which in French… is also mostly memorising the word LOL)
      You are lucky, these mistakes cna be easily corrected by reading! That simple, so I am sure you will end up perfectly bilingual, not bad at all!
      Merde on your test! (In France we say merde or shit to wich good luck to soemone, because wishing good luck brings bad luck XD ) I am sure you’ll do just fine!

      • Wow! Thank you so much for that extended and detailed response! I practiced editing that this morning, and it really put my focus in to the certain type of grammatical errors you pointed out (Damn sexist grammar!). You should really come over here and work as a teacher if you ever wanted a self funded holiday.

        I’ve only been studying for a year and a bit now, and I’m really enjoying it. The test was pretty cruisy, and I’m actually fairly confident with my extended response. That was my last exam, so I’m flying pretty high right now! I’d give you a box of chocolates for that, but unfortunately you’ll have to do with the internet equivalent. :p

        As we say in Australia, you’re a legend. And feel free to correct the edited version of the post, I might have missed one of your recommendations!

  1. Bonjour! Je parle francais… je pense 😉
    Mon phrase préferée est, “J’ai une baguette magique!”
    Je sais pas pourquoi…

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