10cc: Rubber Bullets

This is one of my favourite songs at the moment, I stumbled across it on my computer a couple of days ago, with no distinct idea of how it got there, but its grown in me like cheese in a can. Which I despise, so maybe that isn’t the best simile.

The song is a sort of piss take on Jailhouse Rock on Elvis, as is obvious from both the style of the music, the accent and the lyrics. Its very 1950s, with more than a dollop of mind bending psychedelia especially when it comes to the solos. The lyrics themselves are intensely political. 10cc is a British art-rock band, and the song alludes, intentionally or accidentally, to the then ongoing intense conflict in Northern Ireland, and the use of rubber bullets there. For all these reasons Rubber Bullets a gem of a song, and the 70s aesthetics on show throughout the film clip is only the icing on the cake.


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