Ultravox! New Europeans!

Ultravox, also know is awesome, is as eighties as you can get, and without a doubt one of my favourite bands. They market synth with a vengeance, with stupendous guitar riffs, with powerful vocals that reek of melancholy and anger and decisiveness and other mixed emotions that Freud would diagnose as symptoms of a severe mania resolving from an unresolved relationship with one of your second cousins! Super!

The video above is a classic. There’s a brief Dutch subtitled interview with the band before it cuts to a live performance of “New Europeans”. This song seems to embody the apocalypse in all its compellingly schadenfreude glory. When the world financial system finally collapses under it’s own weight, I’ll be fanging around post-Apocalyptic Forster with this blaring out of the car speakers, raiding petrol with my cadre! Because when you think about it, aren’t we all New Europeans? Fine, that doesn’t really make any sense. Watch the video, let Midge Ure and the lads do the talking.


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