Another Long Paws

Hurrah! It’s me again! Sorry for the hiatus. I’ve been doing other things, having moved on from using this site to procrastinate to procrastinating about posting on this site. What rot, I know.

Truth be told the only reason I’ve returned is to re-engage with my own hedonism, and the erstwhile tip that writing blog is a great way to “pick up chicks.” But doubtless the overriding cause was the exhilaration one gets at typing up subjective drivel at 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon while a Western plays in the background. Will I continue to post here? Of that, I am truly Adam-ant.


16 thoughts on “Another Long Paws

  1. i miss your posts. it warms my frozen bitter heart to know that somewhere there’s a young, adam-ant socialist who is ALSO a hell of a smart cookie. my own patch of earth is occupied primarily by insipid morons or conservative psychopaths, or some combination of the two.

    • What’s that? A call for help! Apologies my dear progressive friend! Time has been fleeting. I’ve been occupied with both different projects, and trial exams. But I will attempt to start putting up posts soon! Take care. 🙂

  2. Dear Bermuda Triangle Socialist, I attempted to reply to your query, but it appears to have been lost. Our location is secret, so we can only divulge it in code, thus: Hey GLS after your exams will you be travelling to *cough* (sydney). Edgar and i will buy you a beer (well I wlll, i’m still shitty with him about the shout he broke in a worker’s pub in Berlin). You’ll just have to put up with beard stroking non sequiturs a la a hairy Granpa Simpson (because if your dad hasn’t got a beard, you’ve got two mums, two beardless mums).
    There, did you work that out?
    (Hey, much as i detest Peter Reith, Catherine Deveney is turning me into a fascist – I think being sent to Afghanistan with her is his punishment for the Tampa.)

      • Not Newtown, never, ever Newtown – don’t confuse the noise with the message (which I am not able to do in the case of CD).
        Ahh yes, Imogen.
        Neil’s father: I want to … protect her
        Vyvyan: I’ve never heard it called that before..

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