The April Revolution

The GLADYS and Paco Alvarez have been involved in a multitude of revolutions (two so far), here is the most illustrious of them, with information taken from the Socialist Revolutionary Army website.

The April Revolution stemmed from a number of decisions taken by the corrupt and moribund administration of Great Lakes College, none of which we can remember. Whatever they were, the Revolution was in the planning at least a week or two before at actually happened. Perhaps it was fate that lined our population revolution up with April Fools Day, perhaps it was Boris the Great, our benefactor, blessing us from beneath his undersea palace. On the morning of the first of April, SRA operatives arrived with amusing hats, ready to battle the capitalists overlord of Great Lakes College.
The first true action of the April Revolution occured at about 1100 hours. Red Guard detachments reached the doors of the library and began to shout out revolutionary messages at the teachers inside, all assembled for a crucial yet diabolical meeting. Within five minutes the Red Guard had stormed the lobby and were pelting revolutionary slogans at the teachers from a better vantage point. In response, the teachers blockaded themselves in and posted heavy security outside the door. In response the Red Guard were forced to fall back. Two flanking movements failed before SRA operatives retreated and dispersed in the face of more reinforcements.
At approximately 1320 hours fighting began again, as Red Guard units attempted to sieze the HSIE Faculty in a plan to secure the Year 10 Quad from capitalist attack. Using bins and yelling once more, and wearing amusing hats to disguise their true identities, SRA operatives forced capitalist elements out of the Year 10 Area, and into the HSIE Faculty. There the Red Guard proceeded to blockade dozens of capitalist units inside the HSIE Staffroom. With the mission complete, the Red Guard assembled in the Year 10 Quad.
With security assured, GLADYS members and supporters planted the red flag in the centre of the Year 10 Quad, and sang something that resembled a national anthem. They then proceeded to rejoice in their new found peace. This was to be short lived. The United Nations Peacekeeping Force within the school turned against us, and broke the flag, seizing the Year 10 Quad from socialist control. Red Guard troops were forced into headlong retreat as UN troops took control of the quad and instituted the start of a new world empire. Their success was as brief as ours, because soon socialist reinforcement arrived, driving back the UN with a devastating surprise attack. With the UN driven off, the Red Guard turned to another target.


Following the battles for the HSIE and Year 10 Quad, capitalist forces were in dissaray. Red Guard units took advantage of this confusion and seized the English Faculty. Resistance was light, as the elite socialist soldiers infiltrated both the building and then the fortified staffroom. There we found to our great surprise, that a Fifth Column of socialist forces had seized the staffroom before us, and had succeeded in opening a cache of hot chips! The hungry Red Guard troops and supporting Militia ravaged the chips before shouts and chaos drew us elsewhere…

While the Battle for the English Faculty raged, capitalist forces had regrouped and were advancing on the Year 10 Area, and a unit of turncoats had seized and broken the flag. These turncoats fled before the oncoming Red Guard, who hurled abuse in their direction as capitalists poured into the Year 10 Quad like so many locusts. The Red Guard fought to the very best, but even they could not overcome the massive numbers of capitalist mercenaries who attacked them and were forced to retreat. By 1400 the Year 10 Quad was back under capitalist control, and the SRA was dissolved amongst the general population. Bloodied, beaten but ready to rise again…

The memory of the Glorious April Revolution lives on in the hearts and minds of all true socialists as a brief period of glory amongst years of capitalist tyranny, but already it is inspiring action. Vigilante socialist action occurs at Great Lakes College daily, and the fires of Revolution are already beginning to smoulder once more.

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