Paco Alvarez was born with an undisclosed name at an undisclosed location deep within the Great Lakes wilderness. From the moment of his birth it was quite obvious that something was special about him, something set him apart….

Growing up in the wilds of the Mid North Coast, Young Alvarez soon developed a keen love of the environment and a natural talent in tracking, scouting and trailblazing. Combined with his immense knowledge of flora and fauna, and an eye for detail, Alvarez made the perfect guerilla at a young age.

Circumstance however drew him from his natural home, and within a few years he was in the dirty sordid metropolis of Sydney, NSW. There Alvarez learnt his famous street sense, a preter-natural talent for perfect judgement which assured him safety on Sydney’s crime ridden streets.  His natural leadership abilities, wonderful sense of rhythm and physically perfect body afforded him access to a secret Performing Arts College in Sydney’s North. It was in its marble halls that Alvarez got his first taste of capitalism. The disgustingly rich students and bourgeois attitudes repelled Alvarez from the corrupt and decadent school, and despite having enormous talent Alvarez left within a year.

From there Alvarez transitioned through a number of public schools through working class suburbs, across Sydney and beyond, learning much of the poverty and disadvantage which is rampant throughout the state. Then fate brought him back to the land of his birth. The Great Lakes.

Back in his natural habitat Alvarez soon regained his natural talents and rejoiced. Within three years however, chronic mismanagement, awful bias and rampant capitalism had forced him to form a Socialist youth movement within his school. The Great Lakes Alliance of Democratic Young Socialists.

A known fugitive Alvarez goes under a number of aliases to hide from the corrupt regime, and fights for socialism, from the wilderness, from the suburban estates, from the heartland of the working class.

Written by a Confidential Yet Totally Unbiased Source

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  1. Hi. So you would like to be included in the blog chain? If so, we have a spot open on the 19th, how’s that?
    I’m trying to subscribe to your blog but I can’t find a subscribe button.

  2. In a blog chain all participants write a post to a particular theme, in this case it’s “what is the first thing you ever wrote of your own free will?” Each day until the chain ends a different participant makes their post. It is great for publicity to your blog and is just plain fun. I also am encouraging the participants to comment on others posts.

  3. Yep. The theme is “what is the first thing you ever wrote of your own free will”. Prepare a post and I’ll send a reminder around the 10th

  4. “I didn’t know anyone liked North Korea. I think even Kim Jong-Il hated it, but no other country would take him, due to the consistent poor quality of his feature films.” Made me laugh harder than is appropriate. Partly because every time Kim Jong-Il is mentioned, I think of him looking at things, as documented at http://kimjongillookingatthings.tumblr.com/. I wish I’d had the brains to be a teenage socialist. Instead I was just a teen with socialist inclinations who had yet to cast off my culture’s fear and loathing of socialistcommunist evildoers.

      • Erm…. can’t remember which one I nominated you for. Unless there are any questions you have to answer, which I don’t think there are, all you have to do is to post the award picture, say who nominated you, and then nominate several others. I think it was Liebster Blog award that I nominated you for, in which case you’re supposed to nominate people who have fewer than 200 followers… that wasn’t a problem for me, since I don’t know many who have more! 😀

  5. Stay in the woods and enjoy your socialism. The moment you try and make me give you shit I’ll say fuck off and I’ll go waste exorbitant amounts of money in spite, haha.
    But truth: Liberty isn’t equal; sublimity exists in only some. Good day.

    • I intend to kind sir, and I’m hardly overbearing fellow despite my beliefs on the contract between society and the individual, so you can keep all the shit you like. :p

      Interesting message about sublimity by the way, although I find you can see it everywhere if you look hard enough.

      • yeah I didn’t mean to ridicule I definitely came off more harsh there than I intended lol my bad. And I don’t have any shit anyhow so I don’t know what that matters in the first place, anyway cool blog.

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