Hasten Towards The Possible Victory!

Hello all. It’s me, that voice from the past, forgotten for so long, having finally clawed it’s way out from beneath the tons of academic and mental rubble strewn across my way by the malevolent Board of Studies and bourgeois associates. As Oscar Wilde once said:

“Examinations, sir, are pure humbug from beginning to end. If a man is a gentleman, he knows quite enough, and if he is not a gentleman, whatever he knows is bad for him.”

But then again Oscar Wilde also said that “Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.” so aren’t I a bit of pretentious twat?

Things that have happened since we corresponded last include my cultivation of interesting facial hair for the purpose of theatrics, several life changing experiences, the continual evolution in my understanding of reality and society, and interesting developments in regard to tastes in fashion that have inadvertently lead to the spawning of a sort of alter-ego. Stranger things have happened I suppose, but not to me.

But bear with me. I’ll probably put up something intelligent here sooner or later. Then again, I might not, for that is the nature of this absurd and incomprehensible universe.

Hello There!

Sorry for the hiatus. I’ve been away doing other things, and generally a little distracted. However, in these brief, no doubt heartbreaking time away from the blogosphere, and I do despise that word, I’ve encountered something new and interesting! Well, really it’s old and interesting. This new old phenomenon of course is Situationism, a cool mix of revolutionary socialism and surrealism. Check out the wikipedia page for more info, because I’m not entirely across it completely to be honest. It did inspire me to make some agitprop style posters though, like the few I will post above. Please give me some feedback.

Thanks Lovelies.


I’ve jumped on the bandwagon lads and ladettes. I’ve come around to the view point that the SOPA PIPA bills are potentially extremely dangerous to the internet is a functioning example of a sort of anarchic state (which is kind of interesting), place too much power in the hands of the entertainment industry and government, and has so many loopholes that piracy really won’t be effected (the censor-ship can’t stop pirates, hurr). I know you’re used to me being an entirely impartial adviser on events (straight face), but I believe I have to take a stand. By putting a small ribbon on my website.

SOPA Not So Good?

Sorry about the pun. This is nice little video with graphics and slow simple narration explaining that new SOPA-PIPA bill from an anti bill viewpoint. This debate has been all over the net recently, and typical lazy me has only just got round to learning about it now that Wikipedia’s blacked out in protest. I am still learning about it, though I found the above video very useful. Give it a squiz.

Here’s a link to the main website unless you missed the links all over the WordPress mainpage and the rest of the entire internet.


It’s Christmas. In case you haven’t noticed this already. And I’ll do the customary thing and be all corny and naff. I love the word naff.

I hope you guys and gals, and everyone who reads these words has a great and wonderful Christmas, bearing in mind the Christmas spirit, sharing, brother/sisterhood and indulges in mind numbing consumerism of the kitsch variety. But in all seriousness and minus the cynicism my lovely people, have a great day, show kindness to your fellow man and have a bucketload of fun. It’s a great philosophy to live life by in my most humble opinion.

Now I’m going to go before I get too bloody sentimental. I’ve got a Clash CD to listen to and   a bowl of prawns to eat. Merry Christmas!


To Whom It May Concern

As of approximately midday Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time I, Commandate ‘Oi’ Alvarez will be taken off passive duties and deployed to the dense jungles of Bungwahl for reconnaissance, training and other classified purposes.

Nothing fills my nascent revolutionary heart more than being at one with the wilderness and fighting alongside my eleven toed revolutionary comrades in the pursuit of peace, equality and procrastination. However these activities also mean that I may not be able to respond to communiques sent to me for an indefinite period, most likely the next few days.

The illegal occupation and repression of Bungwahl that communications are limited, and even then, are hardly secure. But do not despair, oh loyal comrades! My return will bring with it a detailed report concerning soft power projection and local foliage density that will no doubt have all of you in a state of utter rapture. But until that moment, rest assured in the knowledge that Whoopi Goldberg farted on live TV, and that the Kardashians have adopted a homeless man that has few if any teeth, and now keep him as a pet.

Tsar Wars 5: Return of the Me

I have been most absent from my blog over the past how ever many days I have been absent. My regular readers may have noticed this, as I have recently observed that some do in fact exist. Most surprising. But not surreal. Surreal is a most overused adjective. One has a moral responsibility not to use surreal all that often, so that the word itself does not come benign and cliched, corrupting the work and influence of people like Antonin Artaud, Margaret Thatcher and that Armadillo toting fascist Salvador Dali.

I have been absent due to my examinations. I haven’t really been studying, but preparing myself for studying, and committing myself to not working on my blog to the exam period is over. That said, my own horrid lack of self discipline has meant that I’ve achieved little in the way of actual study. I am quite silly.

But that, like the clear blue liquid that divides the Great Lake’s Twin Towns, is proverbial water under a psychadelic bridge, my brother, and with all examinations finished, I can apply myself to my blog with my usual level of cynical enthusiasm.

Also, the Battle for Bungwahl has begun, and news will be outpouring shortly on the events that happen there.