Free Bungwahl!

Bungwahl. A small town on the Mid-North Coast straddled between the Great Lakes and surrounded by thick bushland. Because of the distance, obscurity and general bad mood of the populace, the repression and injustice symptomatic of the region has been ignored.

For years Bungwahl has languished under the corrupt and illegitimate rule of the Commonwealth of Australia. Despite the rich natural resources looted from its pristine forests, and heavy tax burden levied upon the general population, Bungwahl has been given no benefits of its labour.

Free Bungwahl

Where are the hospitals? The schools? The police stations and the free live music venues and theme parks that the populace so richly deserves? The answer is simple. Sydney. And Newcastle. Especially Newcastle.

The only answer is secession or finding something else to occupy our minds during the holidays, and that my friends is impossible. Join the People’s Liberation Army of Bungwahl (PLAB) and stand up for Bungwahl today.

People’s Liberation Army of Bungwahl Announcement

The PLAB committee has declared the onslaught of an Easter Offensive. All personnel are asked to be on alert for training and revolutionary activities in the near future. The time of liberation is close at hand! News will be delivered as it occurs.

4 thoughts on “Free Bungwahl!

  1. La gente de mi país, México!
    Hoy es un día en el que México está extendiendo sus manos a Dios con alegría y acción de gracias y mostrando su felicidad a sus hijos en Bungwahl.

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