Feel the need to join in? To show your sympathy and solidarity with our movement? Volunteer for a range of roles and activites right here.


As explained on a recent blog post, we are attempting to construct a glorious socialist film of virtue and proletarian splendour. Preliminary planning has already begun, and if no volunteers are found, then conscription will have to be enforced.


Do you like the musical arts? Well, if you’re a budding virtuoso then this option is for you. Get us your details and email us some ideas. We can then construct an album of proletarian splendour, the profits of which will go to charity. The songs may also be used in our new film.


If for some outlandish reason, the writing here as inspired you to construct some prose of your own, and it roughly fits our exacting standards on quality and content, then please, don’t hesitate to send it in.

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